Random Snippets of Boringness

Random thoughts for today. Sorry nothing of note has happened.

I'm enjoying my Pilates class, all except for the instructor. She trained in New York, at the Joseph Pilates Institute. Know how I know that? Becasue she prefaces EVERY FUCKING THING she says with either "In New York," or "When I was in New York." Guess what, gal? You live in Nashville. So sorry. If you want to live in New York, you know what you should do? Move back.

My personal favorite quote: "When I go back to New York next weekend, I'm getting contacts." Psst, lady, we have contacts right here in good ol' Tennessee. We also wear shoes, most of the time. It's not so bad, really. Actually, I'd bet your contacts would be cheaper here, but that's beside the point.


My husband's band is performing next month in something called the "Power Pop Explosion." Every time I say it or type it, I have to majorly emphasize the EXPLOSION! part. I can't help it. Anyway, if you're in town and want to go, email me. It will be on August 9th and is guaranteed to rock your ass off.


I cannot freaking wait until Stephanie gets her new dog. She will look something like this (the dog, not Stephanie):

I want a dog so badly I could scream. Too bad our jobs don't really give us enough time to properly take care of one. But you can be sure that if I had a pug, I'd damned sure put him or her in a Hawaiian shirt and go to the Pugfest. Aww.


My husband has the uncanny ability to always find episodes of McGuyver on TV, no matter the day or time. It is quite impressive, if not a little eerie.


On Tuesday, I wore a light pink, A-line, inverted-pleat skirt; a white, boat-neck, 3/4 sleeve sweater; a light pink & dark pink paisley scarf; and kitten-heeled slingbacks. My husband asked me if I was going for a Legally Blonde look, which received a withering glance from me. The flouncy boy in the café said I was looking very Audrey Hepburn (honey, take note; this is a better approach), to which I replied "I'm going to look more like Anna Nicole Smith if I don't stop coming in here every day for a cheese danish."

Anyway, it was quite clear that this boy had know freaking idea who Audrey Hepburn was. I am not small, gamine, brunette, doe-eyed, graceful, any of that. I am blonde, chunky, booby, Zellweger-squinty, and a total klutz. I will, however, accept any Hepburn-related compliments.

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