That Monorail is Yummy

Last night I cooked. Well, I cook fairly often, but I wanted to cook something yummy for Seth last night because I knew he'd had a shitty day at the ol' Den of Misery and Spiders.

I tried to gauge, from our limited grocery supplies, what he would like to eat. I settled on some steak and potatoes fare. Man food and all that. I had two ribeyes I had bought on a whim, and some new potatoes that I would roast in the oven. I wouldn't even bother with anything green, because this meal would be for Seth, after all.

So. I cut the potatoes a little small. Too small to really stand up to the power of my hot-ass oven, I guess. They were fairly tasty (mmm, garlic and rosemary), but a bit leathery and crisp in places.

The steak--well, I don't really know what happened to the steak. I mean, I know it wasn't the choicest cut or whatever, but it wasn't the cheapest either. I don't really know much about meat, and I don't plan on learning any time soon. If I had known a little earlier that I would be cooking, I would have been my dork-assed librarian self and looked for hours at different recipes, seasonings and cuts, but I didn't know in advance what a crappy day Seth would have.

Anyway, I seasoned the steaks with Montreal seasoning (which my sweet aunt pronounces "monorail seasoning," but I still love her) and I threw them on the grill. They looked good, but when we ate them, they were kind of...chewy? I told Seth, "Sorry, I was kind of hoping it would be good." He was all, "Oh it's fine, blah blah" and we both just kind of...moved the steak around on our plates and didn't really eat much of it.

After we picked at that for a little while, we both wanted dessert. All I could scrounge up was some white chocolate instant pudding. I "made" that, and I thought I'd put it in some little goblets, all Bill Cosby-style, you know? I even shaved some milk chocolate to go on top. When the pudding was cold enough, I took it out of the fridge and presented it, in all its instant-pudding glory, to Seth. We each took a bite then looked at each other. It didn't taste chocolatey. It didn't taste like vanilla, either. I'm not sure what it tasted like. Even the Bill Cosby presentation didn't jazz it up. Betty Crocker I am not.


Kevski came to the library to have lunch with me today. It was so good to see him. We had lunch out in the glorious courtyard, and then I gave him a very boring and un-knowledgeable tour of the library. We'll get together again this weekend, before he has to go back to Orlando, land of bellybutton rings and Disney.


Tonight, my husband's band is playing. Tomorrow, the cable man is coming to fix our reception. Sounds like the makings of a pretty crazy weekend so far, don't you think? Oh, also on the agenda is preparation for our yard sale on the 4th and 5th.

I like how, when I told my mom the dates of our yard sale ("July 4th and 5th, at Niki's house"), she said, "Emily, you know that's the 4th of July, right?" Is it? I didn't realize that the FOURTH OF JULY was ON JULY 4TH. I'm glad my mom thinks I'm so smart. Anyway, I don't think the holiday will hurt our sales. The ad has been placed in the paper now, so there's NO TURNING BACK. Did I mention we'll be celebrating while we sell our old crap? And by celebrating I mean drinking? God bless America.

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