An Ass-Slapping Good Time

Yesterday, a lovely bald-but-with-a-long-ponytail fellow in a tank-top and cutoff jeans made a grunting noise at me as I walked through the lobby to the café. (Is it Jay-Z or JaRule who makes the "unnhh" noises? I always forget. Anyway, that was the sound.) As he made this noise (while he was returning books, I might add), he slapped his own ass. In the library. At the return desk.

I glanced across the lobby at the security desk, which was at that moment staffed by Shirley, a four-foot-five woman in her mid-sixties. She shook her head, rolled her eyes, and picked up the phone to call one of our beefier security members to escort my gentleman friend out. I went to go buy a danish.


My friend Kevski is flying in today from Orlando! It was supposed to be a surprise. The funny thing is, I'm fairly certain I would have called in sick today (don't worry, just general malaise and slothliness) had I not known he was coming. So, it's kind of good that his friend let it slip.


Links to make you slap your own ass. Or not:

In case you were wondering what Scott Baio has been up to.

What does The Ethicist have to say about reading friends' and coworkers' blogs? Seriously, what does he have to say? Radio feeds are firewalled from my work computer, and I missed my normal Sunday NPR last weekend, so if you listen to that, let me know.

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