Emiloo and The Order of the Phoenix Nerd

'Arry Pottah! Yay! Saturday morning, I dorkily woke up at 7:00, thinking the mail would come and I would read my blessed copy of The Order of the Phoenix (which I ordered in January) all morning long. I checked the mail every hour, on the hour, and when the mail finally arrived, Seth went to retrieve it. I saw him walking back up our driveway with some envelopes and a package (!). Sadly, the package was some pants I'd bought off eBay (they were a little woolier than I'd realized, by the way). Boo. New pants are fun, but they're no Harry. I was crushed. I thought, if it doesn't come today, I won't have it until Monday NIGHT, and all those damn little kids will know what happens before I do. Nice, huh?

Finally, around noon, the Fed Ex man came with my book. Fed Ex, of course! Amazon wouldn't trust the bumbling Goodlettsville, TN, post office with my precious, would it? So, I spent a good chunk of Saturday reading the book in little snatches (I made Seth drive everywhere on Saturday, and I read in the car. When we went to the baseball game on Saturday night, I seriously considered--for a brief moment--bringing the book in with me. I don't give a damn about baseball. Baseball is not magical). Anyway, I'm about half-way through the book now. I may take an early lunch today, just so I can read some more of it. Dork.

I don't have much other news. Husband's band is playing this Friday, and I'm excited about that, mostly because it's not on a weeknight and I am old and cranky and can't stay up late on weeknights.

Oh, we're finally going to have our long-awaited yard sale. I went to my parents' house to rifle through their crap. Wow, what a lot of junk. Among the things I found, in my old room, to haul off to the yard sale:

-a New Kids on the Block nightgown

-TWO different Mariah Carey tapes

-A Hard Rock Café hurricaine glass. Klassy.

-several acid-washed denim purses

Sadly, I could not find the T-shirt I had made at the now-defunct Opryland, USA. The shirt had a picture of me, leaning on Jordan Knight's shoulder. Where is it?

emiloo at 9:51 a.m.