Random Crap

Random things from today:

-John Ashcroft was in my building today. Hold me. But also, look for him on the news tonight to learn about what he thinks about the Supreme Court's what-First-Amendment ruling on internet access in libraries.

-In the past twenty-four hours, people have come across my diary by googling the following words and phrases:

"seahorse" and "tattoos"

"free office coffee"

"about chihuahuas names"

Well, okay then.

More random stuff:

Here is a painting that I want desparately, so desperately, in fact, that I may try to pull a Laurie-from-Trading-Spaces and imitate it (excuse me, be "inspired" by it):

I would buy it if I could, but it costs $900. That might as well be $9,000, really. Anyway, don't think badly of me; my imitation will probably be pretty crappy and look nothing like the original.

Did they take her jeweled pasties?

Lil' Kim got robbed. I like how they commend her for behaving herself. Also, nice picture.

I'm not listening! Lalalalalala!

I'm still not through with The Order of the Phoenix yet. Do not talk to me about it, especially if you're a nosy obnoxious little kid who wants to ruin it for me. Leave me alone. Alone! I will finish it tonight, and then I will be sad that it's over. Please find me a hobby, thanks.

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