I'm Gonna Make It Happen

Wow, I've gotten some major love for the Teen Witch banner. I really do feel like, uh, the most popular girl. Or something. Haw.


Mayapple informed that Fame! does not air on Tuesday nights, and she is correct. Instead, Brandon and I watched America's Top Model after exercising and eating kick-ass food from Calypso Café. Mmm. And also, ha! Right now, I want Elyse to win. And I cannot stand Robyn. She has lost her damn mind. Of course, she is from Tennessee. The crazy ones always are. Obviously, I am too concerned about this show.


Today is my friend Kevski's birthday. I hope it kicks all kinds of ass. He'll be thirteen. Just kidding. He'll be twenty-four. This may be your last chance to get on The Real World, buddy. You'd better hurry up and apply before you get old like me. (Has anyone else experienced the odd, somewhat embarrassing pang of sadness upon realizing you're probably too old to be on The Real World? Um, not that you'd want to.)


I really can't wait for the release of the fifth Harry Potter book. One of the bookstores in town is having a huge release party, with a screening of the first movie and costumes and everything. You even get to exchange your money at a little Gringotts bank for galleons to buy your book with! Would it be creepy for me to go to that? I think it would. Maybe I could find someone's kid to bring along with me?


Tonight's activities include Pilates class and returning various things--that I bought impulsively and do not need--back to the mall. Aw. That's okay, though. Also, Fame! I'm gonna live forever...

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