Music City, USA

Today has been fairly good. I am trying not to spend any money at all, and I am also trying to eat more healthily, so I brought this crazy healthy lunch: a salad of romaine lettuce and baby spinach, with tomatoes and albacore tuna, a little bit of balsamic vinaigrette, and a side of sliced strawberries. However, someone brought a ton of cinnamon cake donuts to work, so the healthy part was all shot to hell. The free-ness, though, it has been preserved. Also, I got to see a sneak-preview of "The Frog Prince" in the children's puppet theater downstairs. It kicked much ass.


Tonight I will either go to step class or with the husband to a baseball game. It's Thirsty Thursday at the ballpark, which means beer is $1. Word. I might even eat a hotdog. Somehow, if you eat a hotdog at a baseball game, it's not gross. Especially if you've had a couple beers. Other than the cheap beer and the fact that it's breezy and oddly not that hot here yet (usually it's sweltering by now), baseball games do not get me all excited.


And Fan Fair continues. Finding a parking spot was quite fun this morning, if by fun I mean riddled with lost, stumbling people in fanny packs wearing faux "backstage passes" and neon biker shorts. Whee! Here are some of the "musicians" scheduled for the weekend's entertainment:

Lee Greenwood! Haw. I wonder what song he'll sing?

The Oak Ridge Boys. El-vi-RA!

The Crabb Family. Don't know them, but I bet they got made fun of in middle school.

Actor Peter Reckell. Again, this is "Bo" from Days of Our Lives.

Vern "Mini Me" Troyer.

What? What kind of random-assed collection of half-assed celebrities is this? I can see why you'd pay hundreds of dollars and drive from God-only-knows-where for this.


Well, until tomorrow, my little Hee-Haw honeys.

emiloo at 1:33 p.m.