Oh, I have been so bad about updating. Bad! But I'm sure no one wants to read my blathering on about how boring I am. I tried twice to add an entry yesterday, and I was becoming so bored with myself that I deleted them both. If I can't even hold my own interest, why would anyone else care to read it?

Savannah was great. Really. It set us back a little more cash than I think we had planned on, but it was worth every penny. My husband said it was the first time he had totally forgotten about the hell-hole (can't say those two words without thinking of the Spinal Tap song) that is his work in 7 months. I would pay any price for that. And good crab cakes, which I ate my weight in over the weekend. But the husband's sanity is worth more to me than crab cakes. Slightly.

Anyway, most cities I visit I think are cool, but I wouldn't want to live there. I could totally live in Savannah. Yesterday, when it looked like my husband might need to find another job, I started sending him postings for jobs in Savannah. Let's go. Let's get the hell away from my crazy-assed family. But, all that has subsided now, so I guess we'll hang out here for the time being. Meh.


In non-Savannah news, I'm excited because I may get to hang out with the most excellent mayapple tomorrow evening. She's going to be in town on business. I'm never "on business," but I think it sounds very chic and grown-up. The library doesn't send me anywhere, except to branch libraries. Many of the librarians who go to conferences and things have to pay for most of it themselves. How crappy is that?

Anyway, mayapple and I might have a drink (or three) after she is done with this business. I may take a picture, but if she wishes to remain faceless, it will be a picture of our feet or something. I've already shown my big-cheeked moon-face to the world, so it's no big deal to me.


My friend Nicole is back from her semester internship at Disney World. We're having a little get-together for her this weekend, which will sort of coincide with the big-ass yard sale my friends and I are having. We think this should make for an interesting weekend. We also think we will be drinking sangria at the yard sale (just to combat the heat, you understand). I should make a few bucks, or "bones," if you will, at the yard sale. I'm getting rid of the lovely gold velvet extra-long couch that's followed me from apartment to apartment and is now currently taking up space in our bedroom (where no one can see it and laugh at it). I will pay someone $20 to take it away, honestly.

Like I said, life is not all that exciting right now. The trip was great, but it just made me want to plan another trip. Our next destination will be New Orleans. Seth has never been before, and the only time I've been is with my parents when I was 13. I'm quite sure it would be a vastly different experience now. There's a riverboat cruise and a sleeper train that run from Memphis to New Orleans, and these both sound like kick-ass ways to go. On the other hand, I can fly there for $50 each way. We're thinking we'll go for Halloween.

That's all I've got for now.

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