What Is it Good For?

Oops, no entry yesterday! Bad Emily. I actually got busy at work yesterday. By "got busy" I mean had a lot of work to do, not that I had sex on my desk or busted a move on the dance floor. Just clarifying.

Anyway, not that anything important happened to me yesterday. I will leave all war observations to more articulate and intelligent diarists, except to say that our president is a bomb-happy oil-monkey and I sure as hell did not vote for him. One of the reasons I did not vote for him is because I saw him as bomb-happy oil-monkey.


In other news, my husband and I are going to Savannah, Georgia, for our 1-year anniversary. It's not until May, but I can't wait. We're going to the Olde Pink House, which is one of my favorite restaurants EVER, and we'll do dorky tours on open-air buses, and we'll eat crabcakes all over town. Savannah is awesome, I think. Especially if you like eating and old houses.


I got on the scale this morning, and I almost cried. Seriously. I have been more conscious than ever of what I eat and how much I exercise, and it was so discouraging to see that I'm at the extra-high end of my range. And it's not like I eat garbage. Some people just have to cut all the junk food out of their diet, and presto, they lose weight. I don't really eat that much junk to begin with. Today, I've had a bowl of Kashi Go Lean, 2 cups of coffee, and some carrots (for my midmorning snack). At lunch, I'll have a turkey sandwich with tomatoes and cucumbers, and some fruit. I'll have some almonds and more carrots at around three. What is the damn problem? I looked into Weight Watchers, but I would have to eat about 17-18 points a day, which is basically no food? I only need to lose about 7-10 pounds, so I feel like a lazy idiot for not being able to do that much.

I did 20 minutes on the elliptical last night, which isn't much, but I had a lot of crap to do around the house, including yelling at the TV and working on the infamous Pile O' Laundry. (I think the Pile will be gone by tonight or early tomorrow!!) Well, anyway, I do feel much better after I exercise, especially if I haven't eaten a bunch of junk, so that's something.


Weekend! What am I doing?

Tonight-probably nothing. Maybe dinner somewhere. I may check out some videos or something. Crazy times. Update: Seth kind of wants to go to a movie. He suggested Gangs of New York, but I kind of want to see Willard. Yes, I know. It's quite hard to convince someone to see Willard if they don't want to in the first place. "Come on, it has all the rats!? And you can see the rats on the big screen! And McFly from Back to the Future!" I guess you're either drawn to it or you're not. My husband seems to be in the "not" camp.

Saturday-Laundry! Also, my Saturday morning coffee-and-NPR ritual, although I'm fairly certain that my nerd game shows will be preempted by war coverage. I would much rather get my news from NPR than from our local "news" though.

Saturday night, Seth and are eating dinner at his grandfather's country club (which will hopefully be more fun than it sounds--the food is pretty yummy), and meeting his grandfather's new "girlfriend" or "lady who is kind of stalking him." After that, we're going to a surprise birthday party for Frank, at one of my favorite restaurants. Mmm. Only, we'll have already eaten, so I don't get to eat there? Ah well, they have good drinks. Last time I went, I had a glass of sherry with my tapas. I felt like an old Spanish pirate or butler, or someone of yore. Yes, I know that doesn't make sense.

Sunday-I really don't know, but it should probably involve exercise. I also have a Sunday morning coffee-NPR-Sunday paper ritual, during which I cut out coupons, lust over the Targt and Pier 1 ads, and curse at the "Letters to the Editor" section of my paper. I know, I know--you want my crazy rock-and-roll life.

Seth might play golf on Sunday, so I really hope to get some work done on the ol' craptastic thesis. It is killing me, I swear. Imagine how much it would pain me to actually write it!

So, another crazy weekend filled with newspapers, buffet lines, and laundry.


Fun Stuff!

The Olde Pink House:

Also, some fun with the Office of Homeland Security's Wacky Terrorism Signs

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