Bonus Narcissistic Entry

Attention, make-believe people to whom I am writing: this is not my official entry today. For that, click the "previous" link at the bottom of the page. This is a random survey I wanted to fill out because (a) I like filling things out and (b) I am bored and a bit self-centered. Also, I never really told any of my imaginary readers anything about myself.

1. Name: Emily

2. Birthday: 8/29/78 (this is also Michael Jackson's birthday. Impressed?)

3. Brothers: None, but one brother-in-law.

4. Sisters: Two, Laura and Mary Ruth, both younger.

5. Pets: None right now. Boo.

6. Eye color: Blue-grey

7. Hair color: blonde (naturally, thank you very much)

8. Piercings: just one in each ear.

9. Tattoos: none.

10. How much do you love you job? Ah ha hahaha. I love 5:00? And also payday?

11. Birthplace: Nashville

12. Current residence: Nashville

13. Loved somebody so much it made you cry? Sure.

14. Coffee or coffee ice cream? Both, baby.

15. Blanket or stuffed animal? Neither.

16. Salad dressing? Olive oil & balsamic vinegar w/salt & pepper (when I'm being good); ranch (when I'm not)

17. What color is your bedroom carpet? Ugh. It's kind of a green-flecked tan/brown industrial carpet.

18. Describe the last email you got and who it was from: From my friend Patricia, and it was a link to an Observer article about the history behind Bush's vendetta against Hussein.

And also, something telling me about how to enlarge my penis.

19. What is your dream car? Right now I want a Cooper Mini. Or Mini Cooper? Which is it? Obviously, I've researched this.

20. Color of socks: No socks today!

21. Color of underwear: black

22. Favorite color: periwinkle

23. Favorite holiday: Christmas

24. Favorite foods: tiramisu, crabcakes, Thin Mints, tomatoes, cucumbers, watermelon.

25. Favorite song at the moment: "All That Jazz" from the Chicago soundtrack. I like to sing it in the car and pretend I am Catherine Zeta-Jones in the black shiny outfit, smoking through a cigarette holder.

26. Favorite tv shows: Trading Spaces, Jeopardy, anything on the Food Network, various reality trash, Ed

27. Restaurant: Park Cafe (!), the Mad Platter, Margot, Provence

28. Fast Food: Subway

29. Whats on your mouse pad? At work-plain black. At home-Homer Simpson (Seth's)

30. How do you feel today? I'm glad because it's Friday and the weather is lovely; I'm sickened and confused by the war that's going on right now.

Aren't I truly a Creature Like No Other? No, I guess not. I'm quite boring, as you can see. But filling stuff out is so therapeutic for me.

emiloo at 12:34 p.m.