Top O' the Mornin'

So, Atlanta was fun. Seth and I had a good time, shopping, eating, and just hanging out. It was really good to see his aunt and uncle.

We get to pick up my car from the shop today, new door and all. I'm a little excited about that.

I'm also excited to go to lunch in an hour or so, and hopefully see some Food Network stuff going on.


Hee! I got Rachel Ray's autograph in my "Comfort Foods" cookbook, but I was too chicken to ask for a picture with her. Ah well.

Tonight I'm going to a pub crawl for St. Patrick's Day. I'm normally not into these holidays that exist for the sole purpose of drinking (Cinco de Mayo is another one that comes to mind--I know it's meaningful for Mexicans and Mexican-Americans, but for random college kids in Murfreesboro, TN, it's an excuse to drink Margaritas). However, Seth and Brian want to go, and we so rarely do stuff like that, so I'm up for it.

My friend Stephanie is the Funniest. Person. Ever. An excerpt from our phone conversation today (FYI: she just moved into a new apartment, and she works at a certain quasi-Irish named restaurant):

Me: How was moving this weekend?

Steph: Great, but I am so tired. I do not want to go to work tonight, but I need the money and it's a holiday.

Me: Oooh, it's an O'Holiday, too.

Steph: Well, I need some O'Money, and my arms are O'Broken, and I am O'Bitchy.

Love her.


Well, I'm off to drink green beer and roll my eyes at obnoxious college kids. Woo-hoo!

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