Who'll Buy My Memories?

Some CDs I bought/copied last weekend:

-Elvis, #1 Hits

-Ladies and Gentlemen, the Best of George Michael (why can't you set your monkey free?)

-Chris Isaak, Forever Blue (Seth had this years ago, but I stepped on it. I'd forgotten how good it was).

-Johnny Cash, American IV

I have been rocking out to George Michael club-it-up tunes and crying to Johnny Cash. Good times.


So, last night's pub crawl? More fun than I expected. I wore green yesterday, not because I'm little miss St. Patty or whatever; more for the reason that I don't ever want anyone to feel that they have an open invitation to touch me. Ever. Some people interpret a red shirt on St. Patrick's Day as an invitation to pinch. I know that if someone were to pinch me, I might instinctively, oh, I don't know, crack said pincher's jaw? To prevent an ugly scene such as this, I wore the green.

My sister has always loved St. Patrick's Day, even before she was old enough to get trashed. Ha. Last night, at the pub crawl, she had on a black dress with an old green, 70s-style polyester shirt over it, a green hat, green false eyelashes, and green stickers on her face. For the pubs that did not serve green beer, she brought green food coloring and would walk around dyeing everyone's drinks (and their teeth, too) a lovely slime color. She had fun, though. I guess?

We had a good time. We were home by 11:30-ish. I won some crap. The drawing at the end of the night was for a guitar autographed by the members of Coldplay. I didn't win that. No, instead, I won a Miller Light Racing T-shirt (size XXXXXXL), a CD by some lady I've never heard of (one of the songs is titled "Sweet Little Duck"), and a beer coozie. Aww yeah.


Tonight, I'm hopping back on the Fitness Train. I'm going to Total Body Sculpt at 5:10 and Step (agh!) at 6:10. Fabulous. Afterwards, Brandon and I are going to watch A Very Special American Idol, with a guest appearance by Kelly Clarkson. Whee! After that, if I'm not too exhausted/sore/lazy, I'll probably go grocery shopping.


I need to sell some more crap on eBay soon. I've got a system where I can buy clothes with my PayPal money guilt-free. It's pretty much trading in my junk for new junk?

I'm also going to make a trip to Plato's Closet soon. They just opened a store here in town, and I took a box of old clothes. They gave me $80 for it! The only problem is that they only take very "young" clothes (they market towards teens), and some of my clothes weren't hooched out enough for them. Surely I can round up enough stuff to buy me the stripey spring dress I'm coveting at Express. It will be mine.

I think I'm going to go root around at my parents' house and see what kind of crap I can find to sell. I'm sure they have stuff they need to get rid of. I only have one year's worth of crap that I've collected at my house--they have at least fifteen.

I really love getting rid of clutter, though you'd never guess that to look at our house right now. I love it even more when people will give me money for my junk. Rocks. Well, off to an early lunch today.

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