Romy and Michelle are on their own

Well, we had to cancel the damned reunion. To hell with it. I'm annoyed with myself for even caring, but I was actually beginning to look forward to seeing some people. Seriously, classmates, you're almost thirty. It's time to start mailing shit in when it's due. And if you didn't want to come to the reunion, that's cool; just don't tell me you're sending a check.

My favorite email I received about the subject raised some suspicions about the cost per ticket, noted that the cost included food and a limited bar, and asked if people who didn't eat or drink had to pay the whole amount. Niiiice. I should be glad to be rid of the whole mess.

My co-organizer and I are trying to negotiate with the bar we had booked. He put down a $500 deposit, which he won't get back, save the $100 I gave him for my tickets, and we're asking if they'll let us use the deposit as bar credit, so we can drink away our stresses. It sounds like a great plan to me. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.


In other news, Seth got a nice little raise yesterday (something my workplace doesn't seem to subscribe to), so we need to celebrate. Maybe on Saturday we can celebrate his raise AND my mom's moving out of our house, if we're not dead from moving her.


The 4th of July was last week. I say this because Iím not sure people in my neighborhood understand that it is indeed just one day, and that day is July 4th. Itís not like the twelve days of Christmas, or the eight crazy nights of Hanukkah. So please, for the love of God, or Independence or what the hell ever, stop shooting off fireworks and throwing those fucking caps on the sidewalk. This would normally make me cranky, but my crankiness is coupled with paranoia because I live in a neighborhood where itís not entirely inconceivable that Iím hearing gunshots instead of fireworks. Gunshots are not common, but there not unheard of, either. Also, it makes my dogs (Chihuahuas, so you know theyíre not exactly cool, calm and collected to begin with) BATSHIT CRAZY. So put your clearance-sale fireworks up until next year, please.

emiloo at 1:27 p.m.