Yeah. So worth the wait, right?

Ah, I really shouldn't even be allowed to have a diary on here, I'm so shitty about updating. And of course, when I do decide to update, it's thirty minutes before my weekend starts. I'm so glamorous and busy, you see. I am.

There were other times I had wanted to update over the past few months, but then something awful would happen, either to me or to someone I love or care about, and I was stuck. I could't write about the awful stuff, but I couldn't write about fun and happy stuff, either, when people I cared about were going through so much. And so I chickened out and didn't write anything. Sorry?

Anyway, here I am again, for the 2 people who might be reading (or googling "Shannen Doherty crooked eyes" and stumbling across me). What's been going on? Well, I went to Internet Dork Camp with Amblus. (That's me in the green shirt, at the end of the table, peering drunkenly around Mayapple's cute little head.) Man, was it fun, even if everyone giggled at my Foghorn Leghorn/Dixie Carter accent the whole time. I didn't mind (mostly because there were about 47 cases of beer among the 8 of us). We're already planning Camp 2006, along with a possible Winter Camp. Camplets? I don't know.

Also, I went to Florida with Seth, the guys from his band, and some of their extended families. It was a wonderful, cheap, relaxing vacation. But man, it's over, and I have zero vacation time left that isn't dedicated to weddings or holiday stuff. I can't even take my birthday off in a couple weeks. I guess that's okay, though, because I'll be 27, and who the hell cares about turning 27? Someone hire a magician and string up the pinata!

Yeah, so, I really don't have anything of note to write about. Uh, I'm reglazing a sink? How's that for exciting? Anyway, I have missed the ol' online journal, and I will be better about updating. Maybe my future entries won't be as boring as today's. Maybe.

emiloo at 4:04 p.m.