No Roller Coasters?

Uh, is this thing on? Hello?

So, I haven't updated in, oh, two months. Oops? I just haven't had anything non-depressing to write about. And hell, even now, all I've got going on is a quick family trip to the Biltmore* in Asheville, NC. But, it's beautiful outside, my mood is slowly improving, and I've got some promising things planned for the next year, so here I am again. Try to contain yourselves. Yourself. Myself? Ha. I'm probably the only one left reading my own diary.

*Do you know how much it costs to visit the fucking Biltmore mansion? THIRTY-NINE DOLLARS. Per PERSON. And there aren't even any ROLLER COASTERS.

And all for what? To remind myself of how small my house is, and how poor I am? "Oh look, honey, I do believe our entire house would fit three times over in that single fireplace." And how I'm even POORER than that, since my husband and I just spent EIGHTY DOLLARS so our poor asses could go remind ourselves of our poorness. Or something.

Anyway, my mom thought it would be really nice for us (and my sisters) to go visit the mansion, gardens, and winery during the spring. Stuff is in bloom and all that. Also, in about another month, it will be so hot and humid down here that we'll all want to kill each other, so we might as well get the family funtime in while we can.


Last night I had dinner with Patricia and Paige, two friends from grad school. You know, the whole grad school thing that I sort of never finished? Well, they have offered to be my personal (unpaid) motivational team, if I will get my ass in gear, re-enroll, and finish my thesis. So, I'm going to do it. I really am.

I will have my M.A. by December, and then, watch out, world! I might make an extra thirty dollars a year! Seriously, I realize this won't matter at all in the realm of jobs and whatnot, since I don't want to teach college English anytime in the near future. But I will know that I finished what I started, and that will be a huge damned deal to me. I'll try to post here about my progress, or lack thereof.

Other stuff going on: I get to be in two great weddings that I'm actually excited to take part in. Lots of our friends are getting married, buying houses, changing jobs, having kids. It's a good time, overall. Everything just seems more promising in the spring, I guess.

I will try to be better about updating, even if I have to make up stuff to post about.

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