But I Still Love Technology, Always and Forever

Three! Day! Weekend!

I'd like to give a shout out to Presidents (current one excluded) for making this three-day weekend possible. And what a weekend it will be. Plans include chipping away at the hideous plastic "tile" that lines the walls of my single, solitary bathroom. Where the plastic squares are now, I'll put up beadboard wainscoting and a lovely cap molding. I want to change the floor, too, but that will have to wait for another long weekend, and also some, uh, money.

Other plans include returning a shirt to Banana Republic (I don't know what I and my fleshy arms were thinking when I bought it) and drinking beer. But probably not at the same time.


So, Seth and I made the technological leap of buying an iPod. Only, we realized after buying it that all of those other technological leaps we had resisted (like updating to Windows 2000 or XP) have prevented us from actually being able to do anything with the iPod besides caressing it and telling it how pretty and shiny it is. So lovely, the little $300 plastic rectangle sitting on my dining room table, taunting me. Okay then.

Anyway, assuming we get our technology on this weekend, I'll be transferring CDs to that mofo for hours. I may also attend two or three open houses with my mother.

Monday Seth is getting his hair cut. Normally, he goes to my aunt Sissy's "beauty shop," a smoke-filled room full of National Enquirers and old ladies getting their hair set for the week. Sissy cuts his hair the way he likes it, which is for free. But a couple of the more precious guys in the band are wanting Seth to step it up in the hip-ness department and get it cut somewhere a bit more pretentious for the upcoming TV taping. Uh, Sissy's is unpretentious, to say the least. She smokes a cigarette and talks on the phone while she cuts your hair. But I digress.

So, Monday, he's going to Trim for an overpriced hipster haircut. He's kind of nervous about it, which I think is cute. Stay tuned for more hair updates. Maybe I will even get highlights. Anything could happen.

emiloo at 2:23 p.m.