New Year, New Crap!

Well, shit, y'all. Has it been almost a month? I don't want to make anyone angry, and I don't one anyone to think I'm a big quitter, so I guess I'll write some crap, even though there isn't much crap to speak of. Poetry, yes?

Christmas was cool. Uh, we got lots of stuff? And we bought ourselves Direct TV, WITH TIVO. Oh, TiVo, how I love you. Season passes and wish lists and all that. Love.

Uh, we didn't do much on New Year's, just went to Brandon's apartment to hang out with him and Frank. We played cards until midnight (if by cards, which sounds all Celebrity-Poker-adult, I mean UNO); then, we went up to Brandon's rooftop to laugh and yell at the tube-top body-glitter girls out for Amateur Night. Good times. Also, I wanted to throw confetti, but Brandon didn't have any (I know; can you believe it?), and somehow, to me, this meant we needed to throw the remainder of Brandon's Christmas bows off of the roof. Right. I don't know. Happy New Year!

In other Holiday News, Seth and I had ELEVEN DAYS OFF IN A ROW. Heaven. We haven't had so much time off since our honeymoon. We shopped and TiVo'd and read and lounged about and were totally lazy. I would like to do that about every other month, please.

If only there were some other way to obtain money, I could really get on-board with the not-working thing. Perhaps I will be a supermodel. Yes, yes, a five-foot-five (and a half!), slightly fleshy supermodel with crooked teeth and thin hair. Or a trend-spotter? That would be fun. Or a lifestyle/entertaining consultant of some sort, a la Wickedly Perfect? I'm still thinking. Feel free to submit your own ideas.

I'm not super bitter about work, though. Mostly because, as of the other day, I no longer have to work weekends. Praise the baby Jesus. Isn't that sad how excited that makes me? Probably. Also, in two hours and ten minutes, I begin a good ol' three-day weekend! (I am such a cliché. TGIF! Everybody's workin' for the weekend! Workin' hard or hardly workin'? But whatever. I'm a cliché with three days off.)

On Monday, Brandon is having several of us over for brunch. We will be viewing the classic epic, You Got Served. Brandon has christened this event, "You Got Served Brunch." Get it? Sort of? Perhaps he should be on Wickedly Perfect.

Happy Friday!

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