Grumble grumble

Sigh. I am in a deep, deep funk, and I really don't have a damn thing to tell you that's of any interest. Nothing has been going on. At all.

Shall we talk about how my work computer keeps fucking up, but I can't really report all of the problems because it would indicate to someone that I spend 75% of my day screwing around online?

How about how I need a haircut really badly, and I feel like a very unattractive, limp-haired, pasty-faced blob at the moment? And the husband's whiney-ness when I mentioned purchasing a Y membership wasn't very encouraging on that front.

Not very exciting? Okay then. Happy times. I really need to go shopping. That would make me feel better. Oh, wait, you need money to go shopping. (Otherwise, it's called "stealing," I'm pretty sure.) So never mind.

Grumble grumble. Sorry about that. Hey, wait--I do have some good news--my friend Kevin is all settled in down in Dallas and has resumed his diary. Also, he called me yesterday, and we made fun of people for half an hour. I needed that. Nothing to lift my spirits like looking down upon others.

I kid. Well, sort of. Aside from making fun of people, Kevin and I also discussed Desperate Housewives. I like it a lot. Shut up, I know it's campy and goofy, and I don't care. It's not like I watch it in place of the news or something.

This weekend is my weekend to work. I'm also supposed to hang out briefly with friend Brian's new lady friend. I think I like her, but I realized that I've only ever been around her when I'm drunk. And I like most people when I'm drunk. I'm probably really a much better person after I've had a few--only kind of loud. And sometimes really sleepy.

Wow, that may be my Most Boring Entry Ever. Congratulations if you've made it this far.

emiloo at 2:03 p.m.