The Freaks Come Out at Night

I'm kind of sad that I voted early and don't get to be swept up in the camraderie of today. Then again, the wait at my polling place was two hours long this morning, so maybe I'm not sad.

I am nervous, though. I've been on the verge of throwing up all day long. I've been firm in my convictions and my support of John Kerry since the beginning, but I've only allowed myself to actually feel optimistic about this election the last couple days.

Oops, there's that throw-up feeling again. Back to steely detachment. I'll hold off on commentary until tomorrow (or two weeks from now, whenever we know the results).


So, Halloween, y'all! How about some pictures? Okay then!

I was lame and repeated an old costume (and a boring one at that)--an angel. Blah. Whatever, at least this angel had a few beers and saw some cool costumes. Seth was only slightly less lame, repeating the Jeff Fisher costume for the THIRD YEAR in a row. Okay, honey. It's time to move on.

We hung out with all the guys in the band, and their respective ladies. Here are the band members, aka Fat Elvis, Harry Potter, Jeff Fisher, and Joe Dirt:

I got my picture made with Dolly Parton (her boobs are made of pantyhose filled with birdseed)!

Jeff Fisher, coach of the Tennessee Titans, ran into Phil Fulmer, coach of the University of Tennessee Vols, so they posed together:

Brian enjoys a drink in the company of his flapper-ly lady friend, Rachel:

Mommie Dearest (favoritist costume of the whole evening! But I think she kind of wussed out on the eyebrows. We need more eyebrow, please!) beats me with a wire hanger. (Please overlook my ridiculous drunken cheesey face.)

The obligatory band wife photo: Priscilla Presley, Sarah the Cereal Killer, and yours truly (note the beer spill on my angelic gown):

The last photo is too big to post, but I'll link to it. Here is a picture of Jodie the dead, frozen hiker; Dave/Captain Whitehead, defender of nerds everywhere; Jason and his annual bullet through the forehead copout of a costume; Josh/Joe Dirt; Josh's Sarah; Jason's Sarah; me; Seth; Brian/Harry Potter; Rachael the flapper. Please note Bad Santa on the coffee table in front of us.

Man, I love Halloween.

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