Crap-Hovel, Here I Come!

My job both bores me to death and stresses me out. How is that possible?

The most awesome work-related thing of late happened this morning, though: when I walked into our workroom this morning, on the table below the bulletin board, surrounding a paper sign that said "Free, Take One!" were a dozen little cat figurines! Fabulous. Ed brought them in. Have I told you about Ed? He's the one who brings in all manner of groundhog memorabilia for Groundhog Day? No? Another time, perhaps.


Last night I went to Mom's yet again, for cleaning and prettying up. I also took digital pictures to send to the realtor whenever we decide to finally list this damned house.

I did get to show Mom the beauty and brilliance of the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. Oh, Magic Eraser, how I love thee. You remove scuff marks from the wall like no other.

So how exciting is that?! Magic Erasers and all that jazz. At least tonight I'm going out. Seth and I are going to see Van Hunt and have a few drinks, all of which I'm looking forward to. I will also enjoy a lovely themed dinner. Tonight's theme is, "We Have No Money*, But Look, Here are Some Hot Dogs!" I'm still not sure what will accompany my hot dog, but I do know that we have several slices of fudge pie in the kitchen. I'm really trying to take care of myself lately, you see.

*Of course, we have no money because we bought a dishwasher(!), and I will eat hot dogs for a month straight if it means I won't have to handwash my hotdoggy dishes anymore. Whoo!

Speaking of the dishwasher, it's coming to my house on Friday. God only knows when we'll get around to having it installed, but I'll be happy just knowing it's in the house. It makes the dream of clean dishes that much closer. I honestly can't believe we've waited this long to get one. Even the crappiest hovels I've lived in have always had dishwashers. Now my house will be just as nice as those crap-hovels. Hooray!

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