Shouldn't it be, "If I WERE Invisible?"

July is almost over and I've done nothing all summer but housework on someone else's house. Oh well. I'm not much of a summer person anyway.

I'm really freaking looking forward to fall. Fall, y'all! For a couple days this week, the weather was freakishly cool and crisp, and it got me all worked up thinking about autumn weather. That's way more my speed than this hot and humid madness. I can't stand 95 degree, 70% humidity, sweatiness. Call me crazy, I know.

Things I've done recently:

A Clay Aiken concert. I know. I know. Dude, I did it for my mom. And man, have I been stockpiling the good daughter points lately, or what? The things we do for our mommas.

Anyway, Clay Aiken. Don't judge me. And really don't when I say this: it wasn't that bad. I mean, it wasn't great, but I found myself clapping along in places. He picked some good covers (which was good because I didn't have the slightest clue about any of his songs, except for that horrible "Invisible."), like "Kyrie Eleison" by Mister Mister and "Where the Streets Have No Name" by U2. Um, also his band was good? God, I am so ashamed right now.

Okay then. What else?

Upholstery Class! Hey, it's only taken us two months, but Mom and I ALMOST HAVE THAT CHAIR RE-COVERED NOW. This is taking far too long. We keep having to focus on the finished parts of the chair for motivation, so we don't burst into tears over how many Thursday nights we've wasted toiling away in a hot garage on an ugly chair. I don't even like the chair. Also, the class has cost me about $220, for which I could have probably bought a chair. But what would I have learned, then? Nothing, right? Right. Hmph.

Eating my weight in homemade gingersnaps. But that's neither here nor there. Damn my coworker and her perfect gingersnaps. Ginger has healing properties, right?

This weekend, I am working. Damn. But I'm also babysitting my niece, Emma, tomorrow night. Seth and I have never had her to ourselves before, so of course we've gone into Cool Aunt and Uncle Overload, planning about 12 things to do in 6 hours. It will be fun, though, if none of us keels over from exhaustion. I'm going to try to take pictures.

Have a lovely weekend, my little Clay-mates!

emiloo at 2:20 p.m.