Well, damn, I say. Here is a list of random things that have happened in the last month or so:

1. We had a yard sale. We (well, my mom) made over $1,000. That was good. I am never having another damned yard sale as long as I freaking live.

2. We have performed the following work on Mom's house:

-replaced light fixtures

-replaced faucets

-gotten Seth's electrician cousin to fix the jets in her jacuzzi

-bleached, scrubbed, and shined every imaginable surface

-taken numerous vanloads of things to Goodwill, Salvation Army, and my attic and basement

-mulched, weeded, pruned and trimmed things

-stripped wallpaper


-God only knows what else

I think we're almost done with getting the house ready to sell.

3. In the course of this, I've sustained the following injuries:

-the notorious ham finger I described a few entries back

-a nice large lightbulb burn on my inner wrist, which looks like I've been putting cigarettes out on myself

-a cut and bump on my head from slamming it into an open cabinet door

I don't think we can work much longer on the house, if only because the way things are progressing, I am likely to split my entire face wide open pretty soon.

4. My sister's rich friend's parents have offered up their beach house (which is nicer than any home I'll ever live in) for us to get away for a week, probably sometime next month or in September. Praise Jesus.

5. It is the weekend, and I am happy. My only plans involve doing more work on Mom's house, but at least I'll get to sleep past 6:00 AM tomorrow. I will drink much beer this weekend. Maybe by Monday I'll be in a better mood.

emiloo at 3:05 p.m.