Happy Fun Bubble Time

Gah. Just gah. So sorry about the lack of updating. Here is a rundown of my life lately.

My parents' small business is failing. This, of course, is any number of people's fault, except for my father, the one who actually decided to buy a crappy, failing business, then foist off management duties onto people who had no idea how to manage it. Such as my husband. But I digress.

Because of this money crunch, my parents are going to sell their house. In truth, with my sisters and me gone, it's really more house than they need. However, my mom loves that house and has put lots of work and love into it. She and my father built it when I was eight. She has this massive garden that looks like something out of Southern Living magazine. I got married there. We're all sort of emotionally bound-up in that place.

Also, my parents may or may not be getting divorced. It's quite up in the air at this point. To be painfully blunt, I would almost rather they did, just because my father is a selfish, half-crazy asshole, and my mother deserves 1000 times better. But, I really just don't want my mom to be lonely or sad, and so I suppose I want whatever she wants.

Anyway, for the past week, I've been spending every spare moment at their house, packing up boxes full of stuff, labeling it "KEEP" or "YARD SALE." I'm going to have the mother of all yard sales at my house over the hot-as-hell July 4th weekend. That should be nice and depressing.


So! Now that I've dragged you through my depression and family drama, how about some good stuff? Okay then.

-My friend Kevin is graduating from "Computer School" on Friday, which is also his 25th birthday! Congratulations, sweetie! And, um, yay, big 25?! Your car insurance will go down or something.

-My sister's birthday was yesterday, and she had a really good one. Everyone deserves to have a good birthday.

-My dog, Mitchellaneous, is freaking awesome.

-My brother-in-law's birthday was last night, and Seth and I took him and his wife to play some pub trivia. And, uh, we RULED? Out of four trivia rounds, we won two of them and placed second in another. Here's some of the crap we won:

a huge, hideous inflatable bottle of Shiner Bock

two draught beers

three bottled beers

a bottle of cheap cabernet

3 free appetizers

a gift certificate to come back another night for 4 free entrees, 4 beers, 2 desserts, and 2 cigars

Yes, trivia freaking rules. It is not only practice for my debut on Jeopardy (!), it is a way to use my knowledge to get drunk and full of greasy foods. Is there any more perfect system?

Tonight, I pack up more boxes. Tomorrow, more of that. Saturday, I may take a break at some point to visit my friend Brandon's pool. At some point I will see the new Harry Potter movie (!).

Happy Thursday, y'all.

emiloo at 2:25 p.m.