For the Sophisticated Puppy

Hello, one Crazy Dog Lady here.

We got Mitch! Or, rather, we're getting him tonight or tomorrow night. But it's official. Now begins my transformation into the Woman Who Won't Shut Up About Her Dog. Indulge me, won't you? Just this once?

Here are some funny things I would buy if (1) I was not dirt-ass poor and (2) I wasn't afraid of scarring my new doggie for life with the shame of making him an outcast sissy-dog-with-a-crazy-mommma.

Ha, look at the rooftop deck! So your doggie can have barbecues, or perhaps entertain girlfriends ("Would you like to see the view from the rooftop? It is truly stunning.") Since Mitch will be a strictly inside doggie, and there's not much point in having a dog house inside my people house, I guess I won't be getting that.

What about this:

Or perhaps this:

But those doggies look a little ashamed, don't they? Mitch has been through enough, I suppose, without the added stress of dressing up like a crocodile (or rather, like a dog being eaten by a crocodile).

What about shoes? Oh that's right, I'm not rich. Or quite that crazy. Yet.

I will spare you further doggie babble, only because I'm sure there will be way too much of it on down the road.

emiloo at 2:05 p.m.