Who Wears Short Shorts?

Whoo-hoo. It's Friday afternoon. Twenty minutes until the weekend. Seventy-seven (holy crap!) degrees outside.

No, I don't exactly have any plans, except that I won't be working. And that's plans enough for me, baby. Tomorrow, I'll have some friends over for a very informal, thrown-together cookout. We might play bocce ball. Please note that my husband fancies himself a bocce ball player, even has a set of balls (ha. Sorry.), but we actually just sort of make up our own rules--throwing the balls randomly into the yard, yelling things like "Bocce!" and "I sunk your battleship!" It's still fun, though. Especially with the addition of a little drinky drink.

I want to take pictures. I feel like I have been slacking on the picture-taking for quite a while now. I know you are all clamoring to see me and my friends playing drunken bocce ball and eating hamburgers in my yard. Who wouldn't be? We are, after all, livin' the high life. Life in the fast lane. Clearly, I am rambling, and I apologize.

I'm going to get the hell out of Dodge now. Have a wonderful weekend, my little bocce balls!

emiloo at 4:07 p.m.