What's better than a giant corndog? A FREE giant corndog.

Have I mentioned how ridiculously cold my office is? Yes? Well, let me gripe about it a little bit more. I am not exaggerating when I say that you could HANG MEAT in here. I have such a cute dress on today, but it's all covered up with a big wooly coat. At times during the day, I put on mittens with little flip-tops that reveal fingerless gloves, so that I can TYPE WITH GLOVES ON. That ain't right, people. Ain't. Right.

Tonight, we're taking Seth's grandfather out for his 76th birthday. He has decided he wants to go to a little spaghetti place downtown, nothing fancy. He's meeting us at our house at 5:00, to "beat the rush." What rush? The rush to eat spaghetti at 5:30? I'm not sure I follow, and I'm pretty sure I won't want spaghetti at 5:00, but it's not my birthday, is it? (And if it were, I would not be eating spaghetti. But I digress.)

Saturday night I have to go to some bachelorette party/lingerie shower. I really hate stuff like this. I don't know this girl all that well (she's one of my neighbors, and her husband is really good friends with Seth), so I'm kind of weirded out by presenting her with underwear. Also, I'm not sure if it's just a shower, or if there will be some sort of "girls' night" drama, with the parading around town in a veil and whatnot. I feel like we're all a little old for that, but whatever.

My bachelorette party kicked ass. We went up to Knoxville, sang really bad karaoke at the dive-iest dive bar that ever was, then drove on to Gatlinburg and played skee-ball and wack-a-mole at Fanny Farkle's house of fun, where a man gave me a free giant corn-dog to celebrate my upcoming nuptials. It RULED. I'll post the corndog picture if I can find it. Yeah, I took a picture holding a big corndog. Because I like corndogs?

Ah, Thursdays. The day when all of my week for the work is kind of due, and therefore, the day when I start on all my work, and intersperse the mad rush to finish it with diary entries about corndogs and urgent searches on eBay for a white eyelet circle skirt. Urgent, I say.

I procrastinate just a little bit.

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