Uh, Snow Day?

Whiny bits from yesterday:

So, yesterday was Easter. Today, I still feel like a stuffed pig. The South Beach Diet is on official hiatus, until I finish the last of the leftover cherry cream pie. I've already taken care of the leftover deviled eggs, and I think I'm going to throw away the remains of the bunny cake (uh, it was shaped like a bunny, not made of bunnies).

Last Friday, it was sunny and gorgeous and 76 degrees. I ate my lunch outside and wore a sleeveless shirt (outside anyway; the library is a damned meat locker inside). Right now, it's 46 degrees and pouring outside. My office is so cold I have a coat on, and I've had mittens on at various points in the day. Good times. Also, I'm on some sort of post-face-stuffing-sugar-crash where I would kill someone for a nap right now.


Whiny bits from today:

Okay, it is THIRTY-SEVEN DEGREES right now. What's that about? Seriously, people were wearing shorts last week. Tennessee has some effed-up weather sometimes, y'all. [UPDATE: IT IS SNOWING. I WAS WEARING A TANK TOP ON FRIDAY, AND NOW IT IS SNOWING. Okay then. If this snow kills my plants, I will kick its ass.]

Good things from today, yesterday, and the weekend:

-Seth and I bravely hosted Easter festivities at our house on Sunday. No one brought anything in casserole form, I made a big bunny cake, and Emma twirled around and around in her Easter dress. Good times.

-On Saturday, Seth's brother and his wife hosted an Easter egg hunt for the kids at their church. I painted faces. The most requested look was the bunny nose-whiskers combo, but I also did a couple chickens on kids' cheeks, and one kick-ass Ninja Turtle. Book me for your next event, yo. I am a true cheek artiste.

-My friend Merry emailed me yesterday, which leads me to believe she does not think I am an asshole for not calling her in months. She sent pictures of her baby, Will, who now holds the title of Cutest Baby in America. And I am fairly certain, from studying three pictures of him, that he will be both a genius and really popular with the ladies one day. And perhaps also and athlete and a musical protegé. Anyway, the point is, I'm not an asshole, and that's always good news, right?

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