Of Weight Loss and Stirrups

Ahem. I've lost five pounds. I know it's all water weight and all that, but hey. Five pounds. I'm just saying.

Anyway, it is not noticeable in any way. I'm am nowhere near busting out the hot pants and tube tops (because that's my goal, right? Or not. How about just my boring khaki pants that used to fit a year and a half ago? Okay then.), but I do have renewed motivation.

I did have a small crisis this morning, when I let my husband pack the lunches (I had already MADE everything, mind you, I just asked if he could put them in bags). He forgot my Jell-O and my sparkling yummy water. The magic water that fills me up all day so I don't stuff my gullet with Cadbury Mini Eggs and chocolate Zingers. Wah. My gullet is confused now.


So, it's Wednesday, and I've been confused all damned day about what day it is, because I was just certain that yesterday was Thursay (uh, major letdown). I'm on the second half of my two-weeks-straight thing, where I work the whole weekend and jump (sadly) right into the Monday-Friday again. Gah. Except this week, I've decided to take Friday off. Go, me. And today, I get to leave early, but only because I'm going to the doctor. The kind with stirrups. Blech. Whatever, leaving early. Must focus on that, not the stirrups.

emiloo at 9:40 a.m.