So, our computers are down right now. No internet connection, no Outlook, and we can't get into our cataloging/circulation system either. Um, we're a library. People come here to use COMPUTERS. What am I supposed to do all day without internet access?

The answer? Play solitaire, and write diary entries in Word. Bless you, Word. Word UP.

Today is St. Patrick's Day. Top of the mornin'. Every year, I wrestle (well, that's a bit dramatic, "wrestle," but whatever) with the question of the Wearing of the Green. I kind of feel like a pep rally-style dork for wearing the green, but as I have mentioned before, I never want to give anyone an excuse to touch me. Ever. Especially some of the folks hanging around the library, who really do just wait for the opportunity to make contact.

So, I've got on some green. So what? I'm still cool.

Speaking of cool, I'm going to see the Queen of Cool tonight at the Ryman Auditorium, Erykah Badu. She's so cool, with her big afro and whatnot. Clearly I am not cool enough to sit in this audience, but I'm trying not to care right now.

(I've been here one hour and fifteen minutes now with no internet access. My will is breaking, and I'm getting weak.)

Anyway, after the concert, which should be out pretty early, Stephanie and I might be up for some goofy-assed green beer revelry. I am, after all, like 4.75% Irish or something. I'd like to think that accounts for my enormous head and my violent reaction to sunlight.


Yesterday, I got an impromptu visit from the Mayapple, who was in town for a meeting. Yay! She gave me an adorable pink and red ribbon-pin creation, which I was going to wear today, until I caved in to my inner dork and put on some green. O'Dork!


Eieeee! Update: the internet has returned to us. Praise Jesus. Off to get some stuff done (important things, like looking at PUGS and reading about last night's episode of America's Next Top Model). Happy St. Patrick's Day!

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