Das Komet!

Aw, I've become someone who only updates once a week. Haw, you'd think that meant I was busy or something. You'd be wrong.

Here are some google/yahoo searches that have led poor, unsuspecting people to my diary lately:

-Country themed clothes

-Leeza Gibbons IQ

-Gotta Let Your Light Shine Down

-Powerpoint of Crucifiction

-Nashville Star Tickets

Man, when I look at my life in terms of those phrases, it makes me want to just end it all, or at least make up some stuff so that it seems a little more impressive. Sorry? Also, to whomever was looking for a Powerpoint presentation of the Crucifiction, like the one shown at my in-laws' freaky-deaky church? Don't do that.


I just had a lovely, hour-and-a-half lunch with my oldest friend Stephanie. I should do that every day. Except I might get fired. So maybe not.


Generic update on This Past Week, followed by What I'm Doing this Weekend:

We won a whopping $28 at pub trivia on Wednesday night, plus a bottle of cheap merlot, a t-shirt that says "Das Komet" on it, and two bottle openers. See, the 30 minute drive out there is totally worth it.

Tonight, we're going to an early CD release party for one of our favorite local bands, then we'll have a late dinner. The rest of the weekend will be filled with raking leaves (if it's not raining), watching random DVDs and attempting to make something with spaghetti squash, which both intrigues and freaks me out. It should be pretty earth-shaking.

Next week, on St. Patrick's Day, I'm going to see Erykah Badu! Nothing I wear could possibly be cool enough. Why am I so worried about what to wear? It's not I'm going to get pulled onstage and asked to hold the incense or play the rain stick or something. (Or WILL I???) Anyway, I'm all excited about that. That, and the randy drinking that will follow. I'm debating whether to take the next day off. It's not like I need to save up my vacation hours for actually going on vacation. Ah, but I digress.

Uh, I guess that's all for today. Have a lovely weekend, y'all!

emiloo at 3:51 p.m.