Y'all, I'm sorry. I really have nothing of note to discuss at all. My days have been painfully routine lately, so much so that the most exciting thing I've done in the last week is to buy new blinds for our living room (on sale, 50% off at Pier 1, by the way). Gah. I need a lil' excitement.

Here are some things I have been occupying my time with:

-America's Next Top Model. Good lord. If you haven't been watching this masterpiece of unintentionally funny business, get on it. The drama! The "acting" and "dancing." I am obsessed. "I focused my energy into sculpting, and I even gave some away to charity!"

-Cadbury Mini Eggs. I bought the trashbag-sized thing of these at Target on Sunday and brought them to work. I actually had to move them to another workroom because I could smell them from my desk and was eating enough of them to kill a small horse. So, so good. Yay for Easter and its new assortment of pastel candy.

-Not Working. You guys, I should be fired. I haven't done six solid hours of work in the three days I've been here this week. It's pathetic.

-Other Things, like making my husband play Uno with me because all of a sudden, my friends are nowhere to be found. Wah.


This morning I woke up and crazily cleaned my house because I loaned my aunt a key, and I don't know when she'll show up. I just know I'll come home today to find her scrubbing my kitchen floor or something.

She has unexpected house "guests" (read: husband's deadbeat friend and his wife and two kids) who have fallen on hard times, and who are in turn driving her crazy by living in her already-cramped house. I told her she could hang out at my place if she needed to get away. I just don't want her poking around or dusting anything.


I believe I freaked out about this same thing last year, but can a lady get some Girl Scout cookies around here? I swear, I can't find any little kids hawking cookies anywhere! These kids are simply not as aggressive as they used to be. I need my Thin Mints, dammit.

emiloo at 4:14 p.m.