Whoa, Looks Like We Made It

Tuesday. What can you say about Tuesday, really? Not much.

The three-day weekend rocked the casbah, but now we enter that long stretch from February to May with no three-day weekends. No free ones, anyway. I suppose that Seth and I could use our very sparse vacation time to create our own long weekends here and there.

Things the weekend included:

-smoked chicken wings from Slick Pig Barbecue in Murfreesboro. Despite its unfortunate name, I love this place, and Seth and I have no problem driving 45 minutes for their wings every few months. Also, they have an old school sit-down Pac-Man game and odd pig figurines everywhere. (The little pig statues are kind of morbid, though: "Look how cute the pigs are! Now eat some of them!")

-a somewhat disappointing Alias episode. I waited three weeks for this? And I have to wait three more weeks for the next episode? What are they trying to do to me here? But, I still maintain that half-ass Alias is better than none at all.

-a Valentine's Day trip to Robert's Western World, a very smoky honky-tonk on Broadway. Very romantic, yes? But we had a good time. Also, somewhat like the wedding band in the movie Old School we decided to insert some form of the word "fuck" into any song we heard that night. "Ooooooh, she's a fuckin' runaway" was my favorite. I should let Bon Jovi in on that. I guess it's a lot funnier when you've had a few drinks.

-a fancy dinner. Yay!

-my purchasing a shirt, a 3.5 quart pot, and black pointy mules. Happy Valentine's Day to ME. A big pot of my very own! With which to make fudge and spaghetti (but not together).


And now, random crap:

-What do you think of the Black Eyed Peas (I personally don't care one way or the other about them)? Also, what did you think of the TV show Kids, Incorporated? If you love them both, this is your lucky day.

emiloo at 3:49 p.m.