Bargain Shopping and Spy Drama

Happy Friday the 13th!

Could it be? Is it already time for another three-day weekend? Why, yes! Working for the gub'ment might pay crap, and we may not get any perks (and I mean ANY), but we do get ten paid holidays a year, and I'm cool with that. Thank you, presidents, for Presidents' Day.

Tonight, we're having our little Valentine's dinner at Chapel Bistro, in our neighborhood. Seth and I have been married for almost two years, but we dated for almost six years before that. We're not into big, showy Valentine's Days anymore. But, we do like any excuse to have a fancy dinner.

After dinner tonight, I'm hanging out with Stephanie. We'll have some drinks and some gossip. I'm really excited about that.

And do you know what tomorrow is? What I'm really, really excited about? It's my first trip to a Ross Store. I've been hearing so much about them from all y'all Yankees and midwesterners; it had better not let me down. This was Seth's idea of how to spend Valentine's Day, and I told him it honestly could not have been more perfect. Ha? How dorky are we?

Sunday, I don't have much planned except for watching the new Alias episode. It's been almost a month since the last one!

Monday? No clue what I'm doing. Isn't that fabulous? Hello, long lazy weekend.

Well, that was the most boring, self-indulgent entry of all time. Sorry? Have a great (and hopefully long) weekend, my little Valentines.

emiloo at 1:42 p.m.