I'VE got the Right Stuff

It's not just Friday, folks; it's the Friday before a THREE-DAY WEEKEND. Hoo-boy. I really don't know what I will do with three days off. I am freaking excited.

Right after work, Seth and I will go have dinner with his aunt, for her birthday. She doesn't stay up very late, so we'll have to have dinner at 5:30. Also, she is super picky about where she will have dinner, but she insists that we choose the place. Good times.

Other than that, though, the weekend is free. FREEEE! I don't know why I'm so excited; I'll probably just clean the house and watch more of my Alias DVDs. That sounds like a little bit of heaven to me.

I will probably also spend some time rubbing my calves. I tried to be all two-classes-in-a-row yesterday, and I haven't gotten my lazy ass to a step class since before Christmas. Hot damn, am I sore. My withered little old-man calves (ha, I even had on black socks last night to really complete the old-man-calf effect) just couldn't take all that hopping up and down shit.

I've got to get better about my gym routine. Right now I seem to be going just enough to waste my time, and not enough to actually do any good.

Other weekend plans, besides calf-rubbing and Alias-watching, include:

-maybe some antiques shopping?

-putting up fliers for my husband's CD-release party

-buying some dark blue paint for our office

-priming the office? Must get motivated.

-taking some pictures of the house, and possibly my hair.

-watching the new episode of Alias on Sunday. I know, it might seem sad to some of you how much I love this show, but I do. It's fun to be a little bit obsessed with something.

Oh! Speaking of obsessed, guess who I'm going to see live in two weeks?! Seriously, guess. Give up? Jordan freaking Knight (I hope you appreciate the effort I put into finding an old-school picture). Ha! He's performing in town. I was so seriously obsessed with him when I was twelve. I even had a damn T-SHIRT made with both of our FACES on it. How sad is that?

Anyway, I almost didn't go, because I thought it might be kind of sad (uh, and because it's $17, which a little steep, even for a former New Kid), but my friend and fellow ex-New Kids-stalker Niki reminded me, "Thirteen years ago this was your biggest dream in LIFE." Hee. In LIFE, people. Obviously, I had little ambition back then.

Uh, what's up with Jordan's hair? I'm not too sure about that look.

Man, I sure hope I can find that t-shirt.

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