Emiloo to Non-Fiction, STAT!

Um, hey?

I am the worst slack-ass updater lately. Sorry. I know you've all been clamoring to know what paint color I've chosen for the office, or how many Pilates classes I've skipped, or what I made for dinner last night. Or not. Ha.

Work has been a little bit crazy lately. My bosses have all been running around under tremendous stress, throwing projects at me left and right and generally wringing their hands in stressful dramatic fashion. All of this makes me want to scream, "WE WORK IN A LIBRARY, FOR THE LOVE OF JESUS." People's lives do not hang in the balance. Our government will not collapse if we make mistakes or take a little while to complete a survey here and there. We get books and movies and newspaper articles to people. We are nice and friendly, if a little bit nerdy. We are not worthy of hand-wringing.

Anyway, we work in a very well-run library, staffed by lots of people who really do want to provide effective service and all that jazz. I just wish they wouldn't worry so damned much about stuff. They should be lazy and noncommital, like me.


Seth and I are planning a trip to New York City in May. We're going to stay with his hipster cousin, Kristy, in Brooklyn. She works at a store in the village. Being a nosy nerd, I looked it up on Citysearch to see what kind of a shop it was, and I found review after review from customers who said the shop was nice, but the employees were all assholes. Ha?

Anyway. New York City (read that aloud in Pace Picante commercial style, please), here we come. Yay and all that. We'll probably have about five days there (yay, not having to pay for a hotel), so give me some recommendations on stuff to do and see. I've only been once, and that was almost ten years ago (Jesus, I'm getting old).

I know, that's kind of vague, asking for stuff to do in NYC. It's not like asking for stuff to do in Nashville, where you could cover a big chunk of ground in five days. But I'm asking anyway. We like to eat, and we like to wander around and look at historical things. Just pretend you're giving advice to your grandparents.

Thank ye kindly.

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