Hairy Business

So, I got a haircut. My hair is indeed shorter than it was last week, but it is not quite as sassy as I had hoped. I go back and forth between liking it, and thinking I look very early 90s( think Hillary-Clinton's-head-band-years meets 90210-freshman-year-of-college, when all the girls got bobs). Hmph. If I weren't so lazy with my digital camera (all the downloading and uploading, gah!), I would post a picture. I still may; I don't know.

My mom saw me hours after I had gotten SIX INCHES lopped off my hair, and she didn't notice. Um, Mom? Hi, remember me, your firstborn? Who had six inches more hair than this the last time you saw me? I figured that meant that the change must not be that noticeable. I mean, really, my hair is still straight and blonde, it's just shorter. But then, everyone at work noticed it. One lady even said I look like "a different person." So whatever, Mom. If you can't bear to look at me, that's okay.

emiloo at 12:36 p.m.