Before and After

So, here's a picture of my living room. Sort of. You can kind of see the wall. And over to the right? You can see a little smidgen of my dining room.

I am so lazy about taking pictures. This one is from when I went with all the ladies in my husband's family (those would be the gals in various MS Paint masks, sombreros, and paper bags)to the Nutcracker ballet the Sunday before Christmas. From left to right are me, my mother-in-law, my sister-in-law (or, my brother-in-law's wife), and my other sister-in-law (Seth's sister). In front is Emma, the cutest kid in the world.

Ooh, and here is the same area before we pulled up the carpet, painted the walls, installed crown moulding, put on purple sombereros, and went to see the Nutcracker.


I have been spending far too much time watching my beloved Alias DVDs. I'm almost through with the first season. If I quit my job, I could get through the second season before next Sunday's new episode, which promises to kick all sorts of ass. But I should probably keep my job.


So, after Christmas, I was all excited about getting a new dishwasher. Except, do you know what all this new dishwasher will entail? Let me tell you: ripping out one of our cabinets, pulling up our entire countertop, installing plumbing, building a little tiny cabinet to fill the hole left by the bigger cabinet that the dishwasher doesn't entirely fill, putting the countertop back on (if possible), and hell, while we're at it, I'll probably go ahead and tile the countertop. It's a lovely gold-flecked formica right now. Gah. I just want clean dishes.


I worked all weekend, so I missed out on our gorgeous, albeit freaky, 70-degree weather. It's 34 degrees now, and very grey outside. Welcome back to winter.

I'm getting my scraggly hair chopped off on Friday afternoon. I'm thinking I want some sort of piecey chin-length (or slightly longer) thing. Any suggestions are welcome. Haircut!

Blah. Back to work.

emiloo at 11:33 a.m.