I Just Now Stopped Writing 2002 On Everything

Well, I feel as though I should update, just so no one thinks I'm in a coma in Belize or something, but I really don't have any major occurences to speak of. I'll just list some things that have happened since I last updated, in no particular order (well, hopefully, chronological order, but probably not):

1. Christmas. Yay? Christmas was pretty nice. We had it at our house, all grown-up like. I ran over to my parents' house for about an hour to make the obligatory appearance and mostly so my mom and sisters wouldn't feel weird. As I was leaving to go home, my dad asked, "What's the rush?" Um, I don't live here? And perhaps I would like to spend Christmas with my husband? To whom you are an asshole? Merry Christmas to all!

I got some good stuff, though. (I know, I know, that's not what it's about. But, uh, I got some good stuff.) Highlights included new bedside tables, a Glamourette Compact from Benefit (with refills!), and Alias seasons 1 & 2 DVDs. Alias! Eeee! Also, a wad of cash with which to buy a dishwasher. Praise the baby Jesus.

2. Lots of movies, but not the one I've been waiting to see. I saw The Last Samurai. I did not expect to say that, and I certainly did not expect to be saying this: I really liked it. Really. And I am not a Tom Cruise fan. Not in the least. To me, he is a short, ferret-like man with odd teeth and a smarmy face. But I liked him in this movie, and I actually forgot, most of the time, that he was Tom Cruise. I guess that means he was acting, and actually doing a good job of it.

I also saw The Return of the King, which I enjoyed well enough. It's been years since I've read the book, and even I could remember some things that didn't match up with the film, but overall it was pretty fantastic and beautiful.

Finally, I saw Elf, which kicked ass. Syrup! Gum! Paper snowflakes! And, because I am a pathetic goob, I got a little misty at the end. I did. I know. Gah.

I have not, however, seen Cold Mountain yet. Come on, Seth, you know you want to sit through one more long-ass, un-funny movie with me! Right? I have read Amblus's comments on CM, and I will still go to see it. Because it's a lovely story. Not because of Jude Law or anything.

3. Frantic and futile searching for Victorian Baby-Scalping Cat-Woman. Dammit, 2003 was totally the year of "I Should Have Bought That When I Saw It, Cuz It's Gone Forever Now." I made the poor husband drive my crazed ass around town to every Marshall's and TJ Maxx I could think of, trying to find that damned statue. I was a woman posessed. We couldn't find it anywhere. Who could have bought it? I will not give up, though.

4. A crap-assed COLD that won't go away. Highlights include waking up several nights in a row and screaming, "My nose is BURNING! It's BURNING!"; standing half-asleep over a pot of boiling water; propping up my hot pot on a stool two inches from my sleeping face, deciding it was worth the risk of unconsciously knocking it over and spilling boiling water all over myself, if it meant that I could breathe in the sweet, sweet steam; convincing my husband that we needed to buy a humidifier, only to decide that I hate the humidifier, and it makes me cold and congested. What?

Oh, and also, realizing my husband had been standing right outside the bathroom door while I was hacking up several metric tons of snot. (Sorry, but it was a lot of snot. Or phlegm, if you prefer, but it's all the same nasty business, right?) I asked him, "Did you hear me coughing up all that snot just then?" When he nodded, I asked, "And did it make you fall in love with me all over again?"

5. New Year's Eve/Day, which involved eating an early bird dinner and playing Trivial Pursuit with my brother-in-law and sister-in-law, who both decided that we were too boring to ring in the new year with, and left our house at 11:20. Seth and I, after a valiant struggle, fell asleep at 11:50. Oh well.

New Year's Day was better, mostly because I didn't have to work and I bought two pairs of shoes and a turquoise leather purse. However, I did spend two hours "organizing" the bathroom closet, a process which entailed emptying the contents of three still-unpacked boxes into the bathroom floor, staring at them with my face all squenched up and confused-like, and throwing all the crap back into the boxes.

Happy New Year!

emiloo at 2:34 p.m.