A Crappy Christmas to All

Ah, what to write?

Tomorrow is our second annual Crappy Santa* party with our friends. We're actually going to swap nice gifts this year, instead of gag gifts. This is cool in some ways, but I think Seth is really disappointed by it. He had his heart set on buying a statue of a cat, mostly with my friend Stephanie in mind.

Stephanie is not so much anti-cat (well, maybe just a little) as she is anti-cat paraphenelia. At Marshall's a couple weeks ago, Seth and I were torn between two statuettes that we knew Stephanie would be crazy over.

One was a fat cat, sitting back on his hind legs and smiling. Oh, and he was also wearing a football helmet and jersey, his little cat arm poised over his shoulder, passing a football. This was Seth's favorite.

My favorite (and obviously the better statue), looked for the most part like a woman from Victorian times. She was wearing a very buttoned-up, conservative Victorian velvet dress and lace collar, with little black boots. Maybe some spectacles? But her head was a CAT'S HEAD. Also, hanging from her hand? (Or paw? I can't remember if she had human hands or cat paws. Must go back to Marshall's and find her.) Was something that looked at first to be a sack of potatoes or something, but upon closer inspection, was a HUMAN BABY, being HELD BY ITS HAIR.

I ask you, which do you think is the better creepy cat statue? I don't think there's any contest here, people.

*I believe this is typically referred to as "Dirty Santa" or "Yankee Christmas Swap." My husband and I always get stuck with the shittiest gifts; hence, we rechristened the game to fit better with our impressions of it.

emiloo at 2:38 p.m.