Turkey Piņata

Thanksgiving isn't so bad if I limit the time I'm around my family.

Our little party on Saturday went pretty well. We managed to get the house in pretty decent shape (read: we shoved all the yet-to-be-unpacked boxes in the attic and basement, and we lit a bunch of candles), and everyone thought it looked cute. I was a dumbass and didn't take any pictures. A couple of my friends did, so hopefully I'll get to see those (along with some pictures we took Wednesday night, which I'll get to in tomorrow's entry).

Kevski came by, and I finally got to meet his friend Emmarae, who is just precious. I think we (my friends and I) may have scared her off with our very enthusiastic discussion about Britney Spears's Diane Sawyer interview, punctuated with my sporadically singing Madonna's "Hey, Britney!" line from that crap-assed song. (Really, though, try just singing that part at random times. It's fun.)


When I was in middle school, my friend Stephanie and I would watch Days of Our Lives all summer long. Occasionally, when I'm flipping through the Sunday paper, I'll skim the soap opera summaries for the Days update, just to see what's going on. This past Sunday was my favorite summary ever (I should probably mention that there's been a serial killer on the loose in Salem):

Cassie's body fell out of the turkey piņata at Salem Place and Kate was found standing there with a bloody knife. Marlena almost died after eating the poisoned vegetables, while Bo stopped Hope from doing the same.

Fabulous, no?


I would also like to recommend the latest entry from Evany, which was recommended to me by the fabulous Madamepierce. It made me feel better after kind of a depressing, pants-too-tight couple of weeks.

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