Hello, Mrs. Torrence

Alright, here are some things I've learned while manically and hurriedly redecorating/taking away the ugliness/emiloo-fying my house to get ready to move in:

1. Though it may seem funny and zany to paint REDRUM on the dining room wall with your dark-red dining room paint, the following two coats of paint might not entirely cover it up. Especially the "UM" part.

2. My precious, wonderful husband cannot paint a straight line.

3. My sister-in-law is actually a great painter/helper, and has been a total godsend in getting the house ready.

4. I have an old, 60s-style pencil sharpener mounted on my kitchen wall.

5. This rocks so much I can't even say.

6. Everybody and their momma have something to say on what you should do with your house. Especially the people who never do shit with their own houses. These people will really be great fun if and when we have kids.

7. In prioritizing all the 700 hundred things we have to do before next week, my husband decided that Playing His Guitar at the New House (in every! Room!) to Check Out the Acoustics ranked number one.

8. I kind of understand now why my mom was always dragging my whiny ass into Home Depot. They're still an evil corporate monster, but they do have good paint.

9. Our water smells like mothballs, with a touch of ass.

10. I don't know how to take water smells away.

11. Forty-year old shag carpet is heavy as hell to roll up and dispose of.

12. Plaster walls crack when you try to rip nails out of them.

13. Oops

That's about all for today. I should have pictures of the new place up soon, though. Pictures that don't involve shag.

emiloo at 12:44 p.m.