Blah blah house blah

It's not so much that I plan to only update once a week. It's more like nothing really happens enough to merit writing about. Not even weekly, really, but I figure that's enough time in between ramblings about the new house (!) and whining about how bored I am.

So, in that order, number 1: House! We're closing on the tenth. Of October. What? Must scrounge up money. Must not eat or have fun until then, and quite possibly for a good while after then. But that's okay.

What's that? You want to see my shaggy green living room? Well, okay. But if you look at it now, you have to look at it again when I'm finished with it.

Seth and I will be very immersed in "projects" and to-do lists for the next few years months. He's a little less excited about it than I am, but I think he'll come around. The only thing he seems to have any strong opinion about is that he wants a refrigerator with the pull-out freezer drawer on the bottom. Also, sorry the picture is so huge. I am too lazy to resize it. I do think it gives you a nice close-up of the sunlight falling on the 35-year-old green shag, though.


Tonight I return to the world of Pilates. Yay? I'll probably even stick around for hellish step aerobics. My husband is actually going to come to the gym with me, but I don't think I've convinced him to take any classes yet. These things take time, I suppose.


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