Ceiling Holes, Birthday Recap, and Mechanical Bulls

Rain. RAIN. Gah. Our ceiling is leaking AGAIN, as it seems to do anytime it rains more than three hours at a time. We have two lovely tears near the door from the kitchen to the living room, so we basically get to run through a little waterfall whenever we need a snack.

Also the carpet underneath the leaks is freaking soaked, from where the water poured through the leaks all day yesterday while we were at work. Therefore, to get to the kitchen, you have to not only dodge the trickling waterfall, you also have to jump over the carpet wetness. Or wear shoes. Whatever.


So, I haven't updated since my birthday, and I must say that it was quite a nice birthday! Activities included gathering at Rosepepper in East Nashville for some shrimp and carne asada. And lots of alcohol. Mmm. Then, we went to the Lipstick Lounge for some pool and more alcohol. Finally, we stopped by the Trap, to watch skanky girls ride the mechanical bull (I climbed on the bull myself, but only after it had been "shut down" for the night, so I could get my trashy birthday picture made). Good times.

Also, somehow, I ended up with some money. My mom gave me some, Seth's family gave me some, and guess what we got? A MATTRESS! Whoooo. We'll have it by Saturday. It's the one I gushed about a few entries back. Blessed, pain-free, non-crippling sleep, here I come. I also got a new vacuum, the Hoover Fold-Away. That's the one with the annoying commercial? "Bagless, maneuverable, folding power, too! Fully assembled, ready to go, for you! Hoover power!" Yeah. I do love it, though. God, I'm old, with my mattress and vacuum excitement. Sorry.

I got other goodies to, which were all unexpected but very awesome, and my little sister brought me flowers at the lieberry. Aw.


Enough about me, let's talk about me, the homeowner! Like amblus, I had my little ideal house snatched out from under my nose over the Labor Day weekend. We called to set up a viewing, only to find that someone had just put a contract on it. But we're looking at two more contenders tomorrow!


Tonight's plans were supposed to include going to see the Smithereens at Uptown Mix, but it looks like the weather might not permit it. Freaking rain.

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