Hula Pug

It's been a pretty nice birthday already. Yay!

Yesterday, when I got home I had two birthday cards waiting for me--one from mayapple, and one from kevski. Aw. Thanks, guys. I also got one from my grandmother two days ago, and I think she may have spelled my name wrong. She also wrote "Happy Birthday Every Day!"

I got a card from the work folks, with all kinds of nice things written on it, and the woman in our department who always brings birthday treats brought some brownies and peanut-butter cookies. Fattest birthday ever! Yum.

Tonight I'll be hanging out with some friends and getting quite drunk. Sounds good to me.

Over the weekend, Seth's college roommate is coming to stay with us. He thinks he failed the bar exam, so I don't know how fun a visit it will be. They'll probably play video games and watch crappy movies a lot.

Most importantly, I get to leave today at 1:00 and not come back until Tuesday.


Other news: the husband starts his new job on September 16. Kick and ass. He'll be working just a few blocks from me. We can ride in together! I can do my makeup while he drives! Also, we will save fossil fuels.

So, to recap, drinks, fossil fuels, drinks, and possibly video games? Have a great long weekend, everyone!

I leave you with this:

emiloo at 10:24 a.m.