Too Much Excitement. Hold Me Back.

My husband's aunt sent me an online super-gift certificate this morning! Here's how I know I'm old: the certificate was valid for all kinds of cool places, but do you know where I chose to spend it? Marshall's. Home of bargain close-outs! Department store brand-names for less everyday! What will you find today?

Anyway, since Marshall's doesn't sell things online, I had to have the gift certificate mailed to me. I hope it gets here before all of the approximately 14 pairs of shoes I lusted over last night are gone.

I was at Marshall's last night because I told the husband we needed to get out of the house and possibly find something for me to wear on my birthday. We wandered around T.J. Maxx and Marshall's, and becasue I was actually looking, I couldn't find a thing. I ended up buying two boxes of cereal and two pairs of panties at Target. How exciting is that?


It looks like the husband will be starting his new, less-stressful job on September 16. Yay? This job pays a bit less than he makes right now, but it will involve about half the work. Sounds good. Maybe he will have a normal schedule now, with weekends and everything. Of course, I no longer have a totally normal schedule myself, but I also don't hate my job with every fiber of my being.

We think, if we're still trying to "get serious" about buying a house, that we should probably go ahead and get pre-approved for a mortgage before he leaves his current job. Is this correct? Do we just not mention that he is about to change jobs? Is that dishonest? Am I really seeking financial advice in my online diary? Yes.


So, some random stuff:

If you work in Murfreesboro, TN, make sure you don't stink.

Johnny Cash won't be at the MTV VMA's. I really hope he's okay.

And, courtesy of gem-chan, a librarian action figure, with shushing action.

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