Time for the pot-bellied pig race!

Recent searches that have led people to my diary (or, as I like to think of them, catchy band names):

1. Catfish Statues

2. Taped Men

3. I sneeze a LOT

4. boyfriend girlfriend cheating cologne

5. Julia Golden Girls Lights Went Out (clearly this person is confusing Designing Women with the Golden Girls, and is not a true fan of either.)

And, one that worries me just a tish--

5. Emiloo diaryland

Is someone looking for me? No one in real life calls me Emiloo, so maybe not. Maybe someone at my work saw something on my PC and decided to investigate? Well, whatever. If someone wants to go to all that damned trouble just to see how boring my life is, then they can have at it.


I am tired as hell. Why? I don't know. I think that subconsiously, it's because I know that I don't get a day off until next Friday. When I get a little closer to next Friday, I'll be a happy camper (I just typed "campler"?) though, because I'm leaving at 1:00 and not coming back until 11:30 on Tuesday, September 2. Screw you, lieberry! I'm gonna party all weekend long!

Except not really. The library is fine; it's just having to be here in order to make money that sort of sucks the fun out of it.


The husband and I were supposed to go to the Wilson County Fair last night, in Lebanon, TN. We had read the schedule of events in the paper, and it included things like a lawnmower race, a pot-bellied pig race, a duck race (so many races!) a dog pageant, a "baby-judging contest" (whatever the hell that is), and fireworks. We wimped out, though, because of the heat and because we were both pretty tired. Hopefully, we'll get to go tomorrow night. If not, then maybe next year. Duck race!

Tonight, the husband's band is playing. This is cool, except I feel like I might fall asleep and slide into the floor of my little greige cubicle right this moment. I really hope I find some energy before the show.

Whoo, that sure is boring. Sorry! How about more stuff I want for my birthday? Okay!

1. A convertible Mini! Come on, preorder one for me. I'll settle for a new Thunderbird convertible, although I've had bad experiences with Fords in my time.

2. A PUG, for the love of God. I will settle--temporarily--for this pillow with a pug wearing a little Sherlock Holmes hat. What?

3. A big bag of MONEY.

4. A trip to Greece.

Really, folks. I don't ask for much.

I might update tomorrow, since I'll be AT WORK and all, but it depends on how busy I get. Have a great weekend, everybody.

emiloo at 2:05 p.m.