How D'Ya Like Those Apples?

Hot damn, it's a nice day. This morning, on my little five-block walk from the place I park my car to the building I work in, I realized that I wasn't even sweating. Awesome. I know that we still have a good month and a half of summer left in the ol' south, but I still twist every below-100-degree-moment into some Sign Of An Early Autumn. Dammit, I love me some fall. Can't wait. Dork.


Yesterday, I tried to be in hyper-productive mode. Well, really, what's productive for me is probably at barely-functioning level for normal, responsible adults. Anyway, yesterday, I made an attempt at productivity. After work, I mean--at work I stuck to my usual strategy of playing on the internet but keeping a stack of random old memos on my desk to highlight/shuffle should anyone walk by.

Productivity, right. I dropped off the mountain of dry cleaning (I really wish I could wear pajamas or jeans or something washable to work, for the love of sweet merciful Jesus). I went to the grocery store, and I even used coupons (but they only shaved $6 off my $100+ tab). When I got home, I did laundry, and WHILE the laundry was going, I CUT WATERMELON into chunks and put it into little INDIVIDUAL SERVING CONTAINERS to take to lunch this week. I am the model of efficiency and organization.


Tonight, I'm going to Pilates. This will probably be my last Pilates class for a while. My instructor is "burned out." Hi, you only work four hours a day. You don't even do the exercises with us. How are you burned out? Does telling us you went to school in New York seven times per class really exhaust you that much? Whatever. I'm going to get myself the Winsor Pilates tapes for my birthday so that I can look like Daisy Fuentes or Chuck Norris or whoever the hell was on those infomercials.

Speaking of Chuck Norris, did anyone else get as much enjoyment from the Slam Man commercials as my husband? I think he could watch the creepy robot punching bag face all day, and if it aired during reruns of Walker, Texas Ranger that would be even better. We always very much enjoyed the theme song, "In the Eyes of a Ranger," sung by Mr. Norris himself. Seth also liked to substitute these words for those of the Sarah McLachlan song, "Arms of the Angel." Now you know that we are clearly insane, as well as a little bit bored.


Another good thing about today: I have some Pink Lady apples, which I got from the mother-effing Super Target in Knoxville on Sunday. Why Lord, why can't Nashville have a Super Target? But I digress. Pink Lady apples rock my world, and I usually can't find them until September. If you think I'm a little too enthusiastic and goofy about them, you should read the copy on this site. The first paragraph should be sufficient.


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