Damn Kids

Hoo boy, last week was long. And stressful. I really don't know what I'd do if I had a job that entailed real responsibilities, all the time.

I had a great weekend, though, so now I'm back at work, all refreshed and only mildly annoyed/sleepy.

Friday, I took the day off because I had already put in 40 hours by Thursday at 1:00, and my boss didn't want me to go into overtime (this week is a different story, though--6 day week for me). I cleaned the disco duplex, or at least the parts of it that people see when they come over. I'm hoping to do some more work on that tonight and tomorrow night.

Friday night, Seth and I went shopping, then to dinner. We had planned to see a movie, but we got tired during dinner and decided to go home instead. We watched Chocolat, which I had brought home from the lieberry, and for once, Seth fell asleep and I stayed awake. I loved this movie. Also, I would like a piece of chocolate now.

Saturday, we drove out to Lebanon, TN, for a graduation party for two of my wonderful grad-school buddies, Shan and Patricia. Seth and I couldn't stay long, but it was cool to see everyone. Except for the part where everyone kept asking me if I was almost done with my thesis. Loser.

Saturday night, Seth's band played an early set; then, we all went to Lonnie's Karaoke in Printer's Alley for some entertainment. Except, now it's apparently "Donnie's" karaoke. They had to change the name, for whatever reason, and I guess to save money, they just sort of made all the "L's" into "D's." Okay.

Anyway, that went about how you'd expect some place called Lonnie's/Donnie's to go. Lots of rednecks, tourists, people who thought they were stars. And some old gay man named "Rambo" who kept trying to touch all the men in our group. Thanks Rambo.

Sunday, I helped my sister move into her apartment in Knoxville. Now, I don't want to sound all "Kids these days," but in my first apartment I had a mattress and a TV tray in my bedroom, until I could scrounge up some stuff at yard sales and thrift stores. The girls my sister lives with are freaking ridiculous. They have furnished their rooms with Pottery Barn shit (from the '03 line, mind you), and are acting like freaking InStyle magazine will be showing up tomorrow to photograph everything. They are obsessed with the idea that they MUST have a coffee table before classes start. And also a Michael Graves dartboard. Of course, right?

After we helped with the unpacking and furniture assembly, I went with my mom and my sister to the lovely, envy-inducing Super Target that Knoxville has (and Nashville does NOT), to get some last-minute things that my sister "needed."

It seems that she needed home accessories, candles, a cute trash can, candles, fruit snacks, and placemats. I found myself staring blankly into the distance and mumbling something about my sophomore year of college, and how I had to go to McDonald's on Wednesdays, when the nasty hamburgers were only 29 cents, and buy 6 of them and put them in the refrigerator because that's all I could afford to eat. And I also had to walk through the snow, uphill both ways, and wrestle bears on my way to class.

I also don't want to be all Grumpy Old Man from 80s-era SNL, but you're freaking SUPPOSED TO BE POOR in college. It's okay! You don't need placemats! Or cell phones that take pictures! My sister, whom I rode with from Nashville to Knoxville, actually looked at her cell phone when we crossed from the Central time zone into the Eastern one, and said, "Aw, I wish my phone automatically updated the time." The hell?

Enough bitching and moaning. I did get to have lunch with the lovely mayapple, and I got to meet the very cool and also lovely clio79, so the day did have its better points. Except that I spent most of our lunch bitching to them about how spoiled these damned kids today are.

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