Working Girl, minus the shoulder pads

Gah, I'm sorry. I have neglected ye olde diary. All of a sudden, my job is crazy-busy. I think I might even be getting a migraine right now from stress! How cool is that? It's like I'm Melanie Griffith* in Working Girl, or Tom Cruise in The Firm, or James Brown, the hardest working man in show business**.

But, I am just a library associate, not even a librarian, and that really does not pay well enough to involve me in any sort of stress. I haven't even been to lunch today. If you know me, and you know how rarely I skip a meal, you know this is a big deal.

*My husband's mom, meaning to compliment me, once told me I look "just like a young Melanie Griffith." All I could think of was the "How Do You Say? Ah yes, Show" skit on SNL where Chris Kattan/Antonio Banderas tells whoever was playing Melanie Griffith that her voice is like "air escaping from a Spanish tire."

**Except that, I think all he does nowadays is play Bonnaroo and perm his hair?


Things happening and/or coming up in the glamorous life of Emiloo:

-The Tom Petty concert is a week from Saturday.

-My birthday is this month. The 29th, actually, which is the same day as Michael Jackson's birthday. I thought this was the coolest thing ever at one time. Anyway, I'll be 25. Is there anything remarkable about 25? Won't my car insurance go down or something?

-I am about to begin accumulating mass quantities of overtime pay.

-I need an oil change.

-I keep getting headaches. Wah.

-The department directly below my office is under major construction. So I get to hear jack-hammering and drilling all. day. LONG. This might explain the headaches?


As you can see, the party doesn't stop. I was supposed to go to Pilates tonight, but the headache makes me want to go home and sleep and maybe eat some pizza.

emiloo at 2:45 p.m.