That's a romantic toilet

Tonight, the husband and I are meeting friends for dinner and drinks (but mostly drinks!) and a rock show, featuring Ben Folds and Fleming & John. Whoo! Drinks and music. And it's not unbearably fucking hot outside, like it has been for the last three weeks. It's still damned hot, mind you, but not so hot that I will be a frizzy, sweaty mess by the end of the night.


In the past week or so, people have found me by googling the following:

"my dad is an asshole"

"shannen doherty crooked eyes" (this one pops up about twice a week!)

Welcome to any new readers with asshole fathers and a perverse interest in Shannen's freaky lopsided eyes!


I don't have much else to talk about today, except that the husband is much more receptive lately to the idea of buying a house. House! Whoo! So, I'm sure I will pester my readers (all two of you!) with pictures of random houses some more. Haven't you missed that? And the tub pictures?

Oh, tub! That reminds me--while looking through the Home Depot EXPO ad on Sunday, I came across the cute little pedestal sinks. There was one picture of a sink beside a toilet, nothing special. The caption read, "A comfort height toilet and a classic pedestal lavatory. A combination that says subtle romance." Seriously. Favorite. Ad. EVER.

emiloo at 2:47 p.m.